Longboard Weekend

Longboard Weekend is one of our biggest and most fun events of the year!  The party starts Friday night the 9th with a little kickoff party at Barn 34, only a few blocks from the contest site.  Saturday is filled with 16 teams from all over the United States going head to head in a competitively fun environment with a focus on fun, sharing waves, and having a great time.  Sunday is our professional longboard event, in its 4th year running.  Last year we showcased 16 of the best longboarders in the country competing in a more traditional - focused style to take home part of a $4750 prize purse.  This years lineup is looking even better, now we just need some waves . . . 

2017 Longboard Team Challenge to be held on Saturday, June 10th 2017

2017 Walk da Plank Pro to be held on Sunday, June 11th 2017.

Thank you to our Sponsors for this years Longboard Weekend!