About Us

While it’s true this club was founded by a group of local surfers, our vision is to give back to this community as a whole, not just the surfing community.  Our mission is to provide Delmarva with charity and service that will help promote strong values to the citizens of this area. Through scholarships, environmental causes, educational programs, and supporting our youth, we are dedicated to our efforts to help and support our community.

We welcome memberships from Individuals, Families, Retail Businesses, and Corporations.  Your financial support will ensure that the Ocean City Surf Club will achieve and hopefully exceed our goals.  As a non profit club we depend on strong membership and the generosity of those people and companies willing to help make a difference.

In this ever changing world all communities are faced with obstacles and challenges.  Ours is no different. But with your participation and your contributions, we can help people and in turn make this great community of ours a better place.

It is our hope you will share this vision and decide to join us!