OCBP Jr. Beach Patrol

The Ocean City Surf Club is proud to support and partner with the OC Beach Patrol’s Junior Beach Patrol program. Every Friday morning and afternoon during the eight sessions each summer, OC Surf Club’s Board Members meet with the children enrolled in this program. We openly discuss all the positive things the OC Surf Club does for the community and encourage them to participate in our events and learn more about our Youth Volunteer Program. We echo the goals of the Junior Beach Patrol program and emphasize, stimulate and facilitate discussion about the practical application of our club motto which is “Give Respect – Get Respect”. We also share some of the lessons we teach through our popular school based “Surf Into Integrity” Program.

We reinforce that the Jr Beach Patrol is a valuable program and that the things and skills they learn in Jr. BP will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We also let them know that surfers and the surfing community share with the OC Beach Patrol a responsibility to always help those in distress both in the ocean and also on the beach.

To learn more about the OC Junior Beach Patrol Camp please e-mail Craig Southard at csouthard@oceancitymd.gov or call 410-250-0125. Registration for this increasingly popular program opens in February of each year through Ocean City Recreation and Parks.

Beach Patrol