Youth Patrol

The OCSC Youth Patrol is a volunteer youth program supported by the Ocean City Surf Club. Children ages 7 to 18 are welcome to participate in this program to help the club fulfill its mission in our community. Youth Patrol members will be called on to help the club with community services such as:

Special Events: Pro Longboard Surf Contest – Ocean Games – SUP Paddle Races

Environmental: Beach & Bay Clean ups – Adopt Your Beach Program

Educational: Surf Into Integrity Program – Youth Patrol Classes

Membership: OCSC Membership Drive

Recreational: Youth oriented games and activities

The Youth Patrol is all about getting children involved in giving back to our community. Teaching them at an early age that they too can make a difference by supporting all the great services the Ocean City Surf Club provides Delmarva – and have fun while they do it!

All hours served in the Youth Patrol program can be credited towards your school community service programs.

Join the OCSC Youth Patrol – and together we can make our community a better, brighter place!

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