Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time but they have the heart!

I thought I would send this subject line again, since it is still as true today as it was 3 years ago when I first sent it. I know how busy each and everyone of you are. Which makes what you do even more heartwarming for me. I feel like I have adopted each and everyone of you. 🙂

First and foremost….THANK YOU! This year we are starting out with what is shaping up to be our greatest year so far! Thanks to State Delegate Mary Beth Carozza and Billy Weiland, we now have at least one group “adopting” every ocean-block. All 10 miles of oceanfront! Please keep getting the word out. We can always use more than one group per block.

We have also partnered with Maryland Coastal Bays and expanded to the streets and bay-side this year. We have groups doing Beach to Bay now. New this year, we also have the Office of Parole and Probation doing cleanups as part of their drug-court ordered community service program. Sandy has done a great job pulling this all together.

Such a great and strong start. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and supporters who are coming out to make a difference for our community and beaches. The response has been overwhelming and a joy to see so many who truly care.

I am personally so grateful to have allies like you joining me in this endeavor to take care of our beaches and home. While beach cleanups alone can’t solve the ocean trash problem, they are an integral piece to the overall solution.

YOU are making a difference.

Thanks to you, we have logged thousands of lbs of litter being picked up. And as you know, this information is given to the Town of Ocean City and to International Coastal Conservatory. YOU are making changes happen.

In my last email, I told you, we were taking the issue of cigarette butts and dog waste on the beach to the Green Team. You overwhelmingly told me both were issues. The Green Team and the Town heard you! I’m happy to tell you that there will be information card being given out to people who have dogs, and at pet friendly hotels, explaining why it is important to pick up after your pets. And thanks to SDHS students who suggested butt cans be put at construction sites. The city is now looking at making it a requirement of the construction permit. We are also looking at grant money to put cans at the head of every street too

AYB is honored to receive a Governor;s Citation this year presented to us by Delegate Mary Beth Carozza. This is truly your citation and recognition of all your hard work. Did I mention she was so impressed by your efforts, she adopted the street where her home is?

AND… I will share details once everything is finalized, just know I’m very excited about a new project we are working on with The Town of Ocean City and Maryland Coastal Bays. We don’t have anything like it in town… yet. Stay tuned.

This year we are also giving $6000.00 to local high school seniors for environmental scholarships and donations. Since starting AYB we have been blessed to be able to give back to our next generation of stewards over $10,000.

You are truly making great thing happen in our community. It continues to be one of my greatest joys to see our grassroots program grow and give so much back.
I look forward to working with everyone this year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with Mahalo!